Lead Dental Hygienist

Ashlee has been a hygienist for 16 years now. She grew up in a dental family, her father and sister are both dentists and a he has a cousin that is also a dental hygienist. A lot of family members put in some time at their dental practice, making that atmosphere fun, easygoing and safe. Being in a dental office makes her more comfortable than being anywhere else! She treats and cares for her patients as if they are family, because that is how they used to run their family practice.

When she is not treating patients she is a wife, mother, dog and cat mom. Her family grew up in Wisconsin and she currently lives in Ixonia. Her son goes to Maple Avenue Elementary just a few miles from The Good Dentist! She has four sisters and is an auntie to 10 nieces and nephews.

Ashlee and her Family love to do Brazilian jujitsu, grapple, bike, run, weightlift, hike, listen to music as loud as they can and dance around the house. She is a firm believer and work hard, play hard.


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