Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dentists use dental radiographs, often known as x-rays, as a critical diagnostic tool.

For a long time, the safety of dental x-rays was debatable. Dental x-rays are frequently avoided by people who are concerned about radiation exposure.

When it comes to dental x-rays, The Good Dentist regularly use them to help determine the health of their patient’s teeth and gums. When looking beneath the surface for signs of gum disease or tooth decay, these tools are vital.

If you’re concerned about your oral health, dental x-rays might be highly beneficial. Radiation exposure is the primary worry for dental x-ray safety. Radiation levels are quite low when these procedures are done correctly.

Patients are exposed to far less radiation since imaging takes so little time. Improvements in dental x-ray equipment have led to a significant increase in operation safety over the years.

Dentists can safeguard you while doing your procedure in addition to implementing new technological advancements in their equipment.

In order to ensure the safety of our patients, we employ every precautionary measure at our disposal.

At The Good Dentist, Doctors, dental hygienists and assistants are trained in the proper use of x-rays. There are many ways to ensure patient safety, including as

Lead Apron Coverings can be used.

In order to protect the body’s internal organs and other critical areas from radiation, your dentist always uses a leaded coating. During your dental x-rays. Lead aprons prevent radiation from reaching other regions of your body by shielding them from the harmful rays. These procedures will not affect the results of your x-rays because your organs will not be exposed.

Use the Equipment’s Lowest Radiation Setting.

In addition, whenever possible, radiation should be used on the equipment at its lowest level. This is an especially critical phase for young children. Due to the fact that children’s mouths are constantly changing, dental x-ray operations are conducted more frequently.

The use of dental radiographs is essential

Dentists use X-rays to examine their patients’ teeth and gums. X-rays, which employ low amounts of radiation, are used to obtain images of the mouth that are otherwise inaccessible to the human eye. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can only be made by thoroughly examining a patient’s mouth. A non-invasive and painless method of doing this is to use X-rays. It is possible for dentists to detect abnormalities before they get worse and more expensive.

Adults and children can both have radiographs taken without fear. All dental patients receive radiation doses that are kept to a minimum by our dentists. Ultrasounds for pregnant women are sometimes used as alternatives. X rays are among the oldest and most trustworthy imaging modalities that dentists can utilize. X-rays are typically done once a year, although some people may need them more frequently due to their age or a history of gum disease. If you are due for your next set of x-rays or a checkup give us a call at our office at 262-538-0892 or book an appointment online.

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