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Can I Overcome my Dental Phobia?

Every one of us either has a phobia or heard that someone has it, but what is a phobia?

A phobia is a type of disorder, in which you’re afraid of something or a situation.

We all know people who are afraid of insects, darkness, or heights.

But is being afraid of dentists a phobia?

Yes, and many people have this type of phobia no matter how old and brave they are in real life.

How do I know that I have dentophobia?

First of all, you should be honest with yourself as confessing that you have a problem is the first step towards its solution. So, pay attention to your body and if you have a dental phobia, you’ll experience :

  1. Distress
  2. Panic
  3. Crying
  4. Sweating Increased heart rate
  5. Low blood pressure and fainting
  6. Also your stomach may be upset.

But what’s the reason for this phobia?

  1. Past dental experience: if you had a bad dental experience, a trauma will form and you’ll try to prevent going to the dentist even if you have a problem or pain.
  2. Fear of injections: This is called needle phobia or trypanophobia, as the patient fears the needle, and as we know the needle is an important part of dentistry as the anesthesia is given by it to relieve pain that’ll be caused by dental treatment.
  3. Fear of anesthesia: Many people are afraid of the numbness and sedation sensation that’s caused by the anesthesia, so once they remember that feeling, they decide not to go to the dentist again.
  4. Feeling out of control: As we all know many people don’t like sitting on the dental chair, as leaning back, having a light over their face and a napkin on their chest, with the dentist and assistant standing around and looking at them, is uncomfortable for many people as it may give a sensation of helplessness.
  5. No personal space: In many dental treatments, the dentist has to be so close to the patient which may invade personal space, and the anxiety caused by lack of personal space may be due to previous trauma to the head and neck, trust issues of generalized anxiety, or depression.

Keep in mind that by having a dental phobia, you’re missing a lot as your teeth health is getting worse and you miss the opportunity to know how to take care of your teeth from The Good Dentist.

So, how can I get over this phobia?

The first thing to do to overcome any problem is to speak up, as sharing your feelings and anxiety with the team at The Good Dentist will be so effective as we’ll try to ease your treatment and use useful methods in the treatment.

Secondly, try to distract yourself either using a stress ball, listening to something in your headphones, or even watching or TV’s on the ceiling during your treatment.

Thirdly, you can use relaxation techniques as mindfulness distracts you from your surroundings, and that’s by controlled breathing and slow measured breaths or a body scan focusing on your body muscles and trying to relax them.

Keep in mind that having a phobia is normal, but also getting over it is essential, so take your first step in treating your phobia. Give us a call 262-538-0892 or book online for your next appointment and we will help keep you at ease.