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Dental Bridges in Merton

Dental bridges are a low-cost, long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. A dental bridge from Dr. Ostromecki of The Good Dentist may be the perfect solution for you if you have lost one or several teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, or an accident.

What Is a Dental Bridge – How Does It Work?

A dental bridge replaces a lost tooth with two crowns and an artificial tooth. The crowns are placed on the teeth next to the missing tooth, and the artificial tooth “bridges” the gap, thereby replacing the lost tooth.

A dental bridge helps you speak and generally chew while also preventing your remaining teeth from moving, which can happen if you do not address your missing teeth.

How Do Dental Bridges Implant?

The procedure for creating and inserting a dental bridge is straightforward. It is non-invasive and may usually be completed in a few appointments spread out over a few weeks.

Preparation will begin with the two “abutment” teeth on either side of your missing tooth. These teeth have their enamel removed to provide a firm platform for the crowns.

The dentist will then take digital photos and impressions of your teeth. This information is forwarded to a third-party lab, which will fabricate the dental bridge. The bridge is made to fit your mouth precisely and to look like your natural teeth in shape and appearance. Dr. Ostromecki will put a temporary bridge to safeguard your teeth until the permanent bridge is completed.

The dental bridge will be evaluated for quality and fit at your next appointment, and it may be modified slightly for your comfort. Once the fit is excellent, the doctor will use a permanent dental adhesive to keep it in place.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer several benefits that may make them a viable option for you.

Non-invasive — Putting a dental bridge in place is a painless operation. It’s a fantastic choice for those who are unable to undergo surgery.
Cost-effective — A dental bridge is a low-cost solution that is frequently covered by dental insurance.
Quick treatment period — Dental bridges can be placed in as little as 2-3 weeks, depending on how soon the bridge can be made.

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Contact The Good Dentist right immediately if you are looking for a dental bridge in Merton. Dr. Max and Dr. Ostromecki are both skilled restorative dentists who can quickly place your dental bridge. Following an examination and consultation, the specialists will assess whether you require a dental bridge or if a partial denture or dental implant is a better option.
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