Lead Dental Assistant

Hannah loves making people smile. Personally knowing the self-confidence boost that a good smile gives you, making people feel more confident in their smiles is what she likes most about her job. Hannah started working as an assistant at the age of 17 while she finished school at the Waukesha Academy of Health Professions. She was able to start working full time after graduation and in the past five years of working, has done almost everything there is to do!

When she isn’t working, Hannah likes reading fantasy fiction, watching movies, painting and sketching, cuddling with her cat, Tessi, and playing board, card, and video games with her husband Ben, their families, and their friends.


The Fun Stuff


What do you love about working at The Good Dentist?

Hannah loves that everyone likes working at The Good Dentist and that she can really form good relationships with her patients.

What’s your favorite hobby?

All forms of gaming. Hannah may not look it but she is very competitive!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

You will never meet someone who isn’t important

What’s your favorite family tradition?

Every Friday, Hannah and her husband Ben, get together with a group of friends for Game Night. Half of them are now related to her as they are her new cousin-in-laws!

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